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Patient Stories

Patient stories are an impactful way to connect and inspire individuals. In the Strong Bone & Me Story Series we will speak to those who have been affected by osteoporosis and bone fractures. 

 In this series of patient interview videos, you’ll hear from a diverse group of people who have faced the challenges and gained valuable insights into managing osteoporosis, fractures, and maintaining healthy bones as they age. Our goal is to educate and raise awareness about osteoporosis, fracture prevention, and follow-up care, and to provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences and insights. Additionally, we will feature interviews with bone specialists who will share important information on treating and preventing osteoporosis and multiple fractures, with a focus on lifestyle changes and follow-up care. Join us on this journey of learning, sharing, and promoting better bone health. 

Dr. Chad's Expert Advice

Dr. Chad Woodard (PhD, Physical Therapist) shares his expert advice by demonstrating some effective physical exercises that can help strengthen your bones, especially if you live with osteoporosis. Watch his exercise video to learn more!

Dr. Adimoolam's Expert Advice

Dr. Deena Adimoolam shares her expert advice on risk factors in women and men for osteoporosis, like hormones, as well as expert advice on fracture prevention and after-fracture care. She also shares tips for taking better care of your bone health. Watch her video interview to learn more!

Shelly's Story

Shelly shares her story on how she views living with osteoporosis and the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle and engaging in support groups to help prevent future fractures through exercise and education.

Tien's Story

Tien shares her story about experiencing multiple osteoporosis-related fractures, the importance of working to prevent future fractures and about daily life with osteoporosis.

Fiona's Story

Fiona shares her story about living with osteoporosis, the importance of working to prevent future fractures and keeping bones strong.

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