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Dr. Chad’s Expert Advice

Dr. Chad’s Expert Advice

Dr. Chad Woodard (New York, United States) is a Physical Therapist and Founder and Owner of Symbio Physio. Tune in to watch Dr. Chad share his expert insight by demonstrating some useful physical exercises that can help keep your body – and importantly your bones – healthy and as strong as possible, especially if you live with, or are at risk for, osteoporosis.  

About The Strong Bones & Me Patient Story Series: The Strong Bones & Me Patient Story Series aims to raise awareness on osteoporosis, fracture prevention and post-fracture care by sharing real-life stories from people affected by osteoporosis and providers who treat them. They will share their experience living with the condition, its effects, methods of prevention and care in order to help inform and educate others so that living with osteoporosis can still mean living fully, actively and well.

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Fracture Liaison Services

Discover various options for care and follow-up plans after experiencing a fracture (bone break), like ‘Fracture Liaison Services’ (FLS). Discover why Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) are critical for individuals over 50 with bone fractures.

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Secondary Fracture Prevention

Once you experience a bone fracture, your risk of another fracture increases, especially if you have osteoporosis. Understanding this risk and taking steps to strengthen bones can keep you healthy.

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